Membership Requirements

Why do we have the following membership requirements and guidelines? It’s quite simple. We want all of our new members to feel welcomed into our guild, to be able to have fun with new friends, and to enjoy a great guild atmosphere. For that, we need to be a little selective.

When reviewing applications to the Gray Order, we are looking for “the right fit” of the applicant for our guild… the same as the applicant should be looking for a “right fit” of a new guild. We strive for a quality membership and not just quantity as some guilds do.

The following requirements and guidelines should help this process by letting you – the potential new member – understand what we are looking for and what you can expect.


Age / Maturity Requirement:

The Gray Order has a required minimum age of 18 and a preferred age of 21 and over.

Maturity is a major consideration during recruitment.¬† A eighteen-year-old with a well thought-out backstory and a love of exploration would be a better fit for us than a thirty-something who just wants to “pew-pew some noobs”, for example.

Time Zone Availability:

The Gray Order has an official prime playing time in the evenings EST (or EDT), from approx 7pm EST to not later than 10pm EST, when our events and projects are planned. Currently we meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening.


General Membership Requirements:

Applicants should be able to…

  • meet the age requirement listed above
  • be available during prime playing times listed above
  • have an appropriate standard of written and spoken English
  • avoid excessive “social text abbreviations”
  • be¬†friendly, courteous, and respectful to others
  • not be of the habit to use obscene language in a continual manner
  • not be prone to rage or anger
  • commit to this guild as a priority
  • be dependable

Are you interested in joining us?


To read about how to join us and how to submit an application, click here.