Guild Policies

Preface: It would be wonderful to not have to describe our policies. In fact, it would be even more wonderful to not have any policies at all. However, the fact is that a successful guild requires policies, rules, and member expectations in order to run smoothly and allow each and every member to have fun in a friendly atmosphere. The following guild charter describes our policies and member expectations.


General Guild Policies:


Behavior Policy  (out of character) —  We use common sense values to describe our behavior policy and to insure a quality guild and smooth operation. Each guild member is expected to be friendly, courteous, and respectful to other guild members and those players we meet as we play. Harassing, obscene, or discriminatory communication or actions, as well as rage posting, will not be tolerated. We have a drama-free approach that will be enforced, up to dismissal if necessary. Complaints should be communicated to the guild leadership for resolution, and kept off the normal channels of communication.

Behavior Policy (in character)  —  In character behavior will, of course, be dictated by our characters. Naturally, there will be quite a bit of leeway here. There are good characters, and there are bad characters, and then there are really bad characters. Behavior of our characters is expected to be realistic and in line with the roleplay theme. However, the comfort levels and feelings of our members will take priority over the behavior of characters. Mature subject matter is allowed within reason. (ERP is to be kept behind closed doors. We use the “fade to black” method when the interaction between two characters becomes intimate.)

Roleplay Policy  —  The Gray Order is a roleplay-focused / roleplay-friendly guild. Many of our activities focus on roleplay, however, we do have non-roleplay activities and events. We encourage members to delve into the rich lore of the games that we play to better enjoy the gameplay experience.  Many of us partake in roleplay often, but we understand it can be intimidating for those new to it and that not everyone enjoys it all the time.  While some would argue that roleplay doesn’t happen unless rigidly enforced, we believe it is best to lead by example and let others join in if they feel inspired.  While members are not required to roleplay, they are expected to be respectful and non-disruptive toward those who choose to do so.

Social Etiquette Policy  —  Posting new topics, replying to other member’s topics, and voice communication will be done in a friendly, courteous, and respectful manner. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but arguing for the sake of arguing and flame-like posting will not be allowed. One person’s trash might be another person’s treasure. Members are expected to remember that we are all different and have different likes and dislikes. Members are required to have an appropriate standard of written and spoken English and avoid excessive “social text abbreviations”. Also, the continual use of obscene language is discouraged except for the rare usage.

Commitment Policy (Multi-Guild Policy)  —  Although not required, it is highly encouraged that guild members only belong to this guild or at least make their primary commitment to this guild. It is a proven fact that membership to multiple guilds will affect a person’s participation level and ability to help out in a team manner. While our participation policy is fairly lenient, we prefer that you remain active with us. Inactive members are subject to dismissal unless proper approval is obtained for leaves of absence.

Participation Policy  —  All guild members are expected to participate on the guild website and at guild events on a regular basis, as best they can, allowing us to continue the guild’s quality standards. It is highly suggested that all active guild members visit the guild website at least a couple times a week in order to stay updated on current guild discussions and events. Of course, real life always comes first, and we understand every guild member may have times of lower participation. Guild members facing participation restrictions should contact one of the Guild Leadership Team members.

In the event of the inability to participate due to real life issues, we provide a method to easily take a leave of absence without affecting guild membership. Guild members may, at any time, request a leave of absence. lack of participation without proper communication, may affect guild membership.

Official Guild Night Policy  —  The Gray Order has always had scheduled times that we call Official Guild Nights. Simply, these nights and times are scheduled times that are set in up in advance using the indicated best play times of our members. This allows us to get as many members on at once as possible. Also, it allows our main locations (cities, bases, ships, etc.) to come alive and feel more “realistic” and give us a better chance to play with other guild members without relying on random or chance encounters. We encourage guild members to try their best to join us during these times.

Dependability Policy  —  All guild members are expected to show a high level of dependability when scheduling time for guild nights and guild events. Dependability is less about how often you play and more about whether you do what you say you will do. Of course, real life always comes first and we understand urgent matters do come up. On the whole though, we do expect that you show up to guild nights and guild events when you indicate you will be there and stay to finish what has been started (within reason). Lack of dependability is considered to be when you fail to show up or leave early more than on a rare occasion, which may affect guild membership.

VoIP Policy  —  The Gray Order has its own Discord VoIP server for guild use. Generally speaking, voice communication is encouraged for out of character socializing and the coordinating of specific activities, but will not be mandatory. We realize that many people do not like to use it, and would rather use text communication only. However, and with that said, there are many advantages to using voice communication for certain activities and there will be times that using voice communication may be required for a specific event or activity.

Please note that the majority of our guild communication will be handled by our guild forums, which is a format that allows everyone to participate in.


Leadership Structure:


General Leadership for the Gray Order Guild — The Gray Order has one Guild Leader, one Assistant Guild Leader, and several Guild Officers that form the Guild Leadership Team. This team oversees the general operation of the Gray Order guild. Guild Officers are responsible for specific tasks and work directly with the Guild Leader and Assistant Guild Leader. The Guild Leadership Team’s responsibilities will include upholding the guild charter and all guild policies, working with the membership to insure a successful guild, serving as resources for guild issues, and supporting Game Officers (see below) for the games we play.

Specific Leadership for Supported Games/MMO’s — Specific to each MMO that the Gray Order fully supports, Game Officers are assigned as in-fiction and in-character leaders, directors, and managers. Although Game Officers report to the Guild Leadership Team, they work independently and are considered to be fully responsible for the position they are assigned and the tasks of that position.

(The Guild Leadership Team will not automatically be the in-character leaders of the various games that the guild plays. Individual games may have separate leaders, mayors, generals, etc. for roleplay purposes, thus giving every member a chance to be part of the leadership structure.)




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