About the Gray Order

Guild Mission Statement:

The Gray Order will offer a friendly, mature, and quality guild atmosphere while encouraging its members to work together as friends in order to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Guild Description:

The Gray Order is a close-knit and friendly gaming community playing multiple PC games and MMO’s. With a focus on immersive roleplay, we participate in a variety of playstyles, both roleplay and non-roleplay, and including PvE, PvP, FPS, crafting, and building.

First and foremost, the Gray Order is a group of friends. Our goal is to get to know each other and learn to work together to create an atmosphere of camaraderie that will follow us into the games that we play, giving us an awesome gaming experience full of fun times and adventure.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a more mature, easy-going, and friendly membership. We value fun game play, including immersive roleplay, and quality friendships above all else. We strive to avoid the impersonal atmosphere of many of the mega-guilds that use spamming  recruitment tactics with open recruitment that accepts anyone. We expect our members to be mature and respectful of their guildmates, as well as other guilds and people they meet in the games that we play. We also expect our members to abide by our guild charter and policies, allowing our guild to be fun and enjoyable.

Guild Focus:

The Gray Order’s primary focus will be having fun as a group of friends. Our members participate in many types of playstyles, with a focus on light/casual to heavy/immersive roleplay. We also participate in a variety of non-roleplay activitiesas well including PvE, PvP, crafting and building, depending on the game and group playing the game. (In other words, we will be quite adaptable to different playstyles, but retain a focus on roleplay.)

Guild Voice Communication:

The Gray Order has its own Discord VoIP server for socializing and coordinating games.

Guild Time Zone:

The Gray Order’s primary play time is EST time zone during the evenings. Currently, the Gray Order gets together a couple times during weekdays to play together as a group. We also have randomly scheduled Saturday or Sunday afternoon events and play times.

However, more than likely, we will have members playing outside of the prime playing times on a regular basis. We may also occasionally plan events and projects at times other than our prime playing times to accommodate different schedules and special events.

Guild Age Requirement:

The Gray Order has a required minimum age of 18 and a preferred age of 21 and over. Most of the current members range from mid twenties to early fifties.

Leadership Structure:

General Leadership for the Gray Order Guild — The Gray Order has one Guild Leader, one Assistant Guild Leader, and several Guild Officers that form the Guild Leadership Team. This team oversees the general operation of the Gray Order guild. Guild Officers are responsible for specific tasks and work directly with the Guild Leader and Assistant Guild Leader. The Guild Leadership Team’s responsibilities will include upholding the guild charter and all guild policies, working with the membership to insure a successful guild, serving as resources for guild issues, and supporting Game Officers (see below) for the games we play.

Specific Leadership for Supported Games/MMO’s — Specific to each MMO that the Gray Order fully supports, Game Officers are assigned as in-fiction and in-character leaders, directors, and managers. Although Game Officers report to the Guild Leadership Team, they work independently and are considered to be fully responsible for the position they are assigned and the tasks of that position.

(The Guild Leadership Team will not automatically be the in-character leaders of the various games that the guild plays. Individual games may have separate leaders, mayors, generals, etc. for roleplay purposes, thus giving every member a chance to be part of the leadership structure.)

Future Plans:

What the future holds for us is an unknown. We do not have anything set in stone for the future, only that we want to have fun getting there.

Please join us as we plan for the future, play some fun games, and find some new friendships that will last a lifetime.


To read our guild charter, including guild policies, chick here.