History of the Gray Order

The Gray Order was first created back in early part of 2005 to play Star Wars Galaxies. It happened quite simply when several people met in-game and decided to build a city. In the months that followed, this small group of people managed to not only create a successful guild, but also build a thriving metropolis on the Wanderhome server with 50+ guild members and 100+ characters roaming and interacting within the city. The concept of “guild nights” was introduced, which brought the city to life specific times of the week. The city would come alive with adventure as the many characters would interact, introducing drama and new mysteries to the city life.

Things went quite well for a while… with plenty of fun, adventure, and intrigue… and new friendships forged.

However, in November of 2005, the NGE (New Game Enhancements that redesigned the core game) was introduced. With the NGE came much frustration and disappointment from most of the Star Wars Galaxies playerbase. Many players felt betrayed by the game developers / game company as the game was “dumbed down” to better fit what “the new/current generation of gamer” wanted. Unfortunately, that was not what most of the current playerbase wanted.

As a result, Star Wars Galaxies lost the interest of many of its playerbase. Unfortunately, our guild and city suffered from this as well. After what seemed to be a mass exodus of players from Star Wars Galaxies, our city came to an end and our guild membership decreased to just a few of the founding members plus a few new friends that stayed on, with several playing right up to Star Wars Galaxies closure in December of 2011.

Over the years, a few of the Gray Order members stayed in touch through various websites and email. Many of the members also met up with each other in other games such as World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, and The Secret World to name a few.

In fact, several of the members tried their hand at creating a pre-launch guild for Age of Conan, which reached nearly 100 members prior to launch. However, with the many negative issues and difficulties of the game, the guild started to lose members shortly after launch. Along with a significant number of other roleplay and regular guilds, the Gray Order guild disbanded.

Since Star Wars Galaxies, no other game has been able to pull everyone together in one place.

However, things have changed.

With so many new open-world sandbox indie games planed or in development, as well as the upcoming Star Citizen MMO, one of the original founding members, Skymaster, decided to pull the group together again and prepare for these games while socializing and having fun.

Now, we look towards the future as we gain new members and plan for our adventures.

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