Explore the vast universe

Travel with us to far away places and strange new worlds.

Travel through time

Journey with us as to mysterious times... some long forgotten.

Unlock the mysteries

Help us solve the mysteries that we discover.

Find the courage

Fight with us as we find the courage to survive.

Discover new friendships

Discover new friendships... some that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to the home of the...
Gray Order

The Gray Order is a close-knit and friendly gaming community playing a variety of both single-player games and MMO's. With a focus on immersive roleplay, we participate in a variety of playstyles, both roleplay and non-roleplay, and including PvE, PvP, FPS, crafting, and building.

Please make yourself at home and look around. The various informational pages linked from the navigation menu located at the top of this page will tell you about our history, current status, our policies, membership requirements, and how to join us. The informational pages linked from the images below will describe some of the games and MMO's our members are playing.

If you have any questions, just contact us. We're a very friendly community, so give us a shout.

Like what you see? Then consider joining us as we find fun and adventure together in all the games we play.

Please check out the following links to get an idea of what we're doing.

Games We Are Playing

Games We Are Playing
See a list of games that some of our members are playing.

Interested in Star Citizen?

Interested in Star Citizen?
Go to our sister community's STAR CITIZEN organization home.